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We offer various Physio Disciplines

We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. Our team of professional caregivers.

Lumbar Roll – Price: $29.00ea 

  • back support to prevent the body from slouching by filling in the hollow in the back and support the lumbar curve
  • elasticised strap holds it in place
  • good for usage in car, office and at home

Portable Comfy Back Air – Price: $21.00ea

  • Inflatable lumbar support for travelling free from upper and lower back pain, and the symptoms of sciatica
  • great for airport lounges, long plane flights, and even in other people’s cars
  • rolls up so small, you can take it anywhere that might find you sitting uncomfortably. Places like the football, or at meetings and conferences…In fact, anywhere that might trigger upper or lower back pain, or the symptoms of sciatica

Dura Disc – Air Cushion – Price: $38.00ea

  • provides active training for ankles, knees and hips
  • improves proprioception and balance
  • can be used for elbow, shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening
  • encourages upright posture, strengthens core muscles and allows pelvic tilting

Reusable hot and cold packs (Flex-Ice) – Price: $16.00ea

  • Can be heated in the microwave to provide soothing heat or after freezer storage provide cold therapy
  • cold therapy is helpful for reducing swelling and inflammation
  • heat therapy is helpful to reduce muscle tension

Flex-Heat Lupin Pack (17cm x 33cm) Price: $24.00ea / (17cm x 57cm) Price: $35.00ea

  • Filled with 100% Australian Lupin Seeds.
  • Lupin seed is a light round pod, with superior heating qualities when compared to other grain fillings. It is clean natural seed that produces no dust.

Compression strap for heat/cold packs – Price: $33.00ea

  • Securely holds heat or cold packs against back, shoulder, elbow and knee
  • designed for people who need relief and still need to move

K-Tape – Price: $15.00ea

  • Elastic therapeutic tape, abbreviated for Kinesiology tape
  • gives support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion
  • can also be used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and to treat pain

Dynamic Tape – Plain or Tattoo Design (5.5x5m) – Price: $5.00ea –  ON SALE

  • Strongly elastic tape developed by an Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist which is used in the treatment of many sporting, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions
  • extremely soft to touch and is highly conformable
  • strong adhesive which has been independently tested and rated as non-sensitising, nonirritating and non-toxic.
  • fabric is highly breathable, allowing water in to wash the skin but dries quickly

Tape + Supafix package – Price: $20.00ea ($10.00ea)

  • Strong rigid strapping tape is necessary to support joints under extra stress
  • aggressive, adhering, hypoallergenic underwrap. Porous fabric for breathability. Used under rigid strapping to reduce skin irritations and assist in adhesion

Shoulder Pulley – Price: $21.00ea

  • Simple inexpensive device used to help increase range of motion of the shoulder
  • The webbed door strap allows the shoulder pulley to easily be used in the home, in the clinic or while travelling

Posture Pals – Price: $20.00ea – ON SALE

  • Self-adhesive supports which adhere directly to the skin
  • Reduce pain, load on injured, overworked or fatigued muscles
  • Improve postural or joint awareness and correct technique

Reflex Spikey Balls – Price: $12.50ea

Ideal for body massage and also helps relieve tension. Reflex balls are suitable for stimulation and relaxation of the muscles and they promote blood circulation. Can be used in a variety of ways, on any part of the body. For example can be used for massage, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercises.